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1 Feature CREATIVE ROOTS S ANOMAGIC A wooden bicycle with a Japanese heart HIROKO FUKAZAWA I N a small workshop in Shin-Kiba, Tokyo, classical wooden boat- building techniques are applied to the manufacture of wooden bicycles. While wooden bicycles are made in various places around the world, “Only mine are used in actual road races,” says artisan Sueshiro Sano. Now head of SANOMAGIC, Sano was born into a family of shipbuilders with a business dating back to the Edo period. From early childhood, he grew up with a love of making things with his hands, and by the time he was in middle school, his skills already exceeded those of an adult artisan. Longing to make ships, he spent six years learning design and drawing from his father, completing his first ship on his own in his senior year of high school. 12 | highlighting japan