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Series JAPANESE ABROAD Mototsugu Hayashi Top of the S helf LUCA MAJERO L ET’s imagine that one evening you decide to go for some nice sushi in an exclusive restaurant in Ginza. The prices are very high, but the quality of the food is too. You enter the premises, and the chef comes and asks, “What will it be?” And that’s when you notice that he is a blue-eyed, blonde foreigner. Well… if the guy is working there, he has to be good. Would you call the manager and ask for a Japanese replacement? 26 | highlighting japan Now let’s imagine the same, but in Italy. You are in a very prestigious restaurant in Tuscany or Milan, and the sommelier comes to advise you on the best wines for the food you ordered. Not two words are exchanged before you notice that the sommelier isn’t Italian – or even French – but Japanese! Mototsugu Hayashi knows very well how difficult this situation can be. Even after being