Highlighting JAPAN Vol.124 September 2018

3429like I must live up to their hopes,” Inada says, and his motivation grew. And so at the following world championship in 2016, after solid preparation, he finished the race with a time of 16 hours, 49 minutes and 13 seconds, making up for what happened the previous year in the most fantastic way. “I was very happy, and I felt “My goal is to continue participating in races and completing them within the time limit,” Inada says. “My body is weakening with age, but that moment when I can feel all my training paying off is real. I try out things I see on TV and advice I receive immediately. By doing so, my times get better. And then I try something new again. It’s that repetition. I see the tricks I try out turn into real results, and it’s extremely fun.”After sensing the limitations of being self-taught when he couldn’t complete his first Ironman Japan race at seventy-six, Inada joined a triathlon club that has turned out Olympic athletes. After that, he adopted a hard schedule of resting only one or two days a week, and on every other day rising at six a.m., practicing hard until four p.m., and going to bed by nine p.m. at the latest. “To continue, I have to keep all my thoughts focused on the triathlon—what I should eat, what my daily rhythm should be. I’ve lived to my eighties and I’ve never felt so fulfilled. I’m too busy to have time to take it easy, but I think of now as my youth.”Imbued with a boyish innocence and boundless enthusiasm, Inada continues to face his current tasks with a surprising amount of level-headedness and willpower. As long as he can keep moving forward and progressing, he’ll go on enjoying his newfound youth and his Ironman challenges. 1 2 Triathlete Hiromu InadaInada crossing the finish line at the Ironman World ChampionshipThe cycling section of the Ironman covers 180 kilometersInada tackling the full marathon portion of the race3 4 Photos 2-4 by Hiromu Inada

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