Highlighting JAPAN Vol.124 September 2018

18REQUIRING competitors Hiromu Inada is an 85-year-old triathlete who continues to test himself in one of the world’s toughest endurance challenges—the Ironman Triathlon. The super senior describes how and why he keeps going, and what his goals are.Inada retired at age sixty, and began swimming at a gym near his house to maintain his health. Starting at age sixty-five, he has competed in four aquathlons, an event that combines swimming and running. He says he got started on triathlons after seeing triathletes riding on road bikes while he was cheering at aquathlon events. Inada bought a road bike at age 69, and at 70 completed a triathlon. He began entering longer and longer competitions until he worked his way up to the Ironman, completely absorbed in the pursuit.He first attracted worldwide attention in 2015 at the Ironman World Championship. Just shy of KATSUYA YAMADAto run a full marathon of 42.195 kilometers after swimming 3.8 kilometers and cycling 180 more, the Ironman Triathlon’s 226 kilometers have been called the toughest race in the world. An 85-year-old competitor from Japan, Hiromu Inada, holds the record as the oldest person to complete an Ironman. He finished his first one in 2011 at the age of seventy-eight, fell in love with the race and has continued to qualify every year since. When the world championship takes place in Hawaii this year, he intends to be there.the 16 hour and 50 minute time limit, Inada collapsed several hundred meters short of the finish. Although he managed to get to his feet and cross the finish line, he was five seconds too late, and consequently was not recognized as having completed the race.unknown senior’s grit captured the attention of people through news articles and social media, and Inada received interview requests and messages of support from all over the world. His supporters included countless people, one of whom he inspired to begin doing triathlons at age sixty. However, the previously SUPER SENIOR TRIATHLETE RACES ON

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