Highlighting JAPAN Vol.124 September 2018

31summer holidays. Since this little train can only hold forty people, it is best to book your spot in advance.If you’re lucky, by the way, you might see two of the Yodo Line’s three famous trains stopped at this station at the same time. About a ten-minute walk from Ekawasaki, you’ll find “Yotte Nishi-Tosa,” a Sweeping views of the Shimanto River from a bridgeMany distinctive railway stations dot the route. In Kochi Prefecture, Tosa-Taisho Station’s building, for example, resemble a wooden mountain lodge. Built in 1974, its retro appearance matches the peaceful mountain landscape around it perfectly.At Ekawasaki Station in Kochi, local trains stop for five to twenty minutes to make time adjustments. During that interlude, the drivers are busy answering questions from passengers and snapping souvenir photos. Their warm customer service is considered another of the line’s attractions. The popular Shiman Torocco trolleyKaiyodo Hobby Train (left) and Railway Hobby Train (right)Tosa-Taisho Station’s building is delightfully retro1 Kaiyodo is a figurine and garage kit manufacturer renowned worldwide for its advanced modeling technology.Figurines: Three-dimensional models of characters from cartoons, movies, animations and games.Golden Week: a period of national holidays which stretches from late April to early May2 3 roadside station where you can buy local agricultural products. At the station there are bicycles for rent, so you can take a relaxing bike ride to enjoy nature around the Shimanto River.In front of Matsumaru Station in Ehime Prefecture there is a footbath, which is free of charge and perfect for banishing any travel fatigue. For a small fee you can also enjoy the “Mori no Kuni Poppo Onsen” hot spring on the second floor of the station building.A journey on the Yodo Line, chasing and crossing the clear stream of the Shimanto River and rolling through the pristine wilderness of Mother Nature, gets full marks both on and off board.

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