Highlighting JAPAN Vol.124 September 2018

T3PRODUCTION All About, Inc.MANAGING EDITOR Aya KatoEDITORS Douglas W. Jackson, Chiara P. TerzuoloEDITORIAL SUPPORT Yukiko Ishikawa, Izumi Natsuhori, Chiho Negami CONTRIBUTORS Sayaka Kawabe, Tamaki Kawasaki, Helen Langford-Matsui, Tomoko Nishikawa, Bifue Ushijima, Takayoshi Yamabe, Katsuya Yamada, Kanami Yanagawa, Katsumi YasukuraDESIGN Payoon W., Pakpoom L.PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEOGRAPHY Jun Endo, Tomoyuki Kiyose, Robert Lewis, Hidehiro Yamada, Tatsushi YuasaMY WAYWhat It Takes to Lead Japan’s Best Hotel FROM JAPAN TO THE WORLDThe Japanese Seasoning on Everyone’s TableON THE COVER A Society of Health and Longevityhe world knows that Japan is a place where people live long and generally prosper, and the country is working hard to secure its legacy of health and longevity. Japan’s seniors are determined to stay active and seek a continuing purpose in life, pass on their knowledge, stay fit, and even reinvent themselves by taking on challenging new careers. A TRIP BY LOCAL TRAINRiding the Rails Alonga Clear-Running RiverPreventing Dementia with Learning Therapeutics A joint project is using Learning Therapy to forestall Japan’s 2025 projection of seven million dementia sufferersMidlife Reinvention—Mastering Winemaking in NaganoA noted essayist and painter and his wife made a midlife move to Japan’s heartland and became award-winning winemakers Sweet Work If You Can Get It Top Hokkaido confectioner Hori Co. Ltd. keeps older employees inspired and happy enough to work far past retirement ageTheme for september:A Society of Health and LongevityISSUE 124, SEPTEMBER 2018161820

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