Highlighting JAPAN Vol.124 September 2018

Tamamura and his wife live in Nagano Prefecture, where they run a winery and restaurant. He talks about his new life and work styles, the life lessons he’s discovered during the second half of his life, and his plans. then to Tomi in Nagano Prefecture at the age of 45. He says the impulse behind the move to Tomi was a serious illness during a yakudoshi, or traditionally unlucky year. After this experience, his wife Saeko proposed that they “live in the countryside, leisurely, while growing vegetables.”Well-known essayist and painter Toyoo KATSUYA YAMADAessayist and painter who moved from Tokyo to Karuizawa when he was 38, and 18At Saeko’s request they first grew vegetables and herbs on the three acres of land they’d bought, but they also planted five hundred grapevines on the slopes of the remaining land to make wine for themselves. The couple visited various wineries, got advice from experts, and kept learning through trial and error. Despite being almost completely self-taught and growing the grapes themselves, they bottled their first vintage after just six years, collaborating with a winery that took care of the actual winemaking and bottling. “The feeling when I first tasted it was beyond words,” Tamamura recalls. After that, they participated in a winery construction project and brought the project to Tomi. They opened up their fields to winery technicians so they could gain experience at tasks such as preparing fields for growing grapes. The plan came to a standstill halfway through, but the fields and youthful, passionate winemakers remained. MASTERING WINEMAKING IN NAGANOT OYOO Tamamura is a noted 73-year-old MIDLIFE REINVENTION

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