Highlighting JAPAN Vol.124 September 2018

WITH men living an average of 81.09 TOMOKO NISHIKAWAResidents can take advantage of free healthy cooking classesyears and women up to 87.26 years, Japan is recognized as a long-lived nation. According to the latest statistics for human lifespan per prefecture, the average age of men in Shiga Prefecture—situated east of Kyoto in the Kansai region—was 81.78 years old, number one in the nation. Shiga’s women came in at 87.57 years old, ranking fourth. Along with the average age of Shiga residents rising drastically in recent years, their healthy life expectancy has also improved and is currently second in Japan for men at 80.39 years, and third for women at 84.44 years.Shiga has been working endlessly to create a healthier society for the past twenty years. “After researching the health and eating habits of Shiga residents, we found that many people do not smoke or consume high volumes of alcohol, and exercise on a regular basis,” says Eiji Inoshita, chairman of promoting healthy life expectancy and the director of the Shiga Prefectural Institute of Public Health. “We understood the strong connection between A school festival at Shiga Lacadia UniversityJust two decades ago, Shiga Prefecture ranked in the middle in terms of average lifespan for men in Japan. By tackling health issues at an early stage through better diet, lifestyle and other initiatives, however, the prefecture now boasts a male population having Japan’s longest average lifespan. Here are Shiga’s secrets to longevity.14THE SECRETS TO JAPAN’S LONGEST LIFESPAN FOR MENLONG LIVE SHIGA

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