Highlighting JAPAN Vol.124 September 2018

TAMAKI KAWASAKIduring my thirty-six years at NHK,” says Motoyo Yamane, who entered Japan’s public When I was just starting out, I couldn’t even read a three–line script properly, and was disparaged as being ‘incompetent.’ ” Despite her frustration and humiliation, she continued to polish her reading, listening and speaking skills every day, wanting to become an announcer capable of reading the manuscript for the news properly, hosting programs and doing live broadcasts. During her many years working for NHK, the project that had the greatest influence on Yamane’s Yamane during her time as a broadcast announcer at NHKMotoyo YamaneBased on her long experience as a broadcast announcer, Motoyo Yamane focuses on developing the speaking abilities of children at study sessions all over Japan. Her drive, flexibility and positive outlook provide a valuable model for how to live a long, useful and satisfying life.broadcasting organization NHK in 1971 as a new announcer and went on to become the first woman to serve as the head of the announcers department. “When you join a TV station, even if you don’t have any skills yet, you get saddled with a title. I was always reminded of how much I didn’t know, and the first ten years were really tough,” recalls Yamane. 10“I learned about what is important in life Compelling Voice for LifeA Lovely and

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