Highlighting JAPAN Vol.121 June 2018

National Taiwan Normal University weightlifting team members trying out kyudo (Japanese archery)During National Taiwan University's track and field team's training camp, the athletes participated in exchanges with local top corporate athletes and middle school studentswhich came to Shibetsu in July 2017, expressed their enthusiasm about the delicious fare. The team also deepened international exchange through joint exercises with local junior athletes, and experienced facets of Japanese culture such as kyudo (Japanese archery) and soba noodle making. Feedback from questionnaires indicated that the team members appreciated all of these activities. based in Hokkaido also conducted a sports nutrition course here for A certified sports nutritionist the Taiwan junior weightlifting team. The dishes served featured locally grown, low-pesticide ingredients such as GGAP produce, accompanied by written explanations of the ingredients and menu planned in cooperation with local residents. This initiative garnered a lot of interest from the athletes.As an experiment in providing GGAP ingredients in winter, when the growing season has ended, local businesses are using proprietary methods of flash The Taiwan weightlifting team training with local junior athletesfreezing, which will no doubt lead to new possibilities. an environment in which every citizen feels a more intimate connection to the 2020 Tokyo Games while joining forces as a region.“Regional revitalization tends to focus on the economic side, but that is not the only thing,” says Norichika Hamada, the host town supervisor of the Shibetsu City Board of Education Training Camp Promotion Office. “If Taiwan’s Olympic-class athletes train in Shibetsu City, local residents will likely support the Taiwanese team, and enjoy the 2020 Tokyo Games twice as much.” In fact, Hamada hopes to create From some events including an Olympic Day run sponsored by the Japanese Olympic Committee to interacting with Taiwanese athletes, it is clear that a blossoming sense of Olympism and local revitalization are growing within Shibetsu’s citizens. 9

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