Highlighting JAPAN Vol.121 June 2018

How are sports helping to energize regional communities and economies?One of the agency’s big themes is revitalizing regional communities and economies around Japan through sports. That’s because playing sports makes everyone healthy in body and mind, and also cuts down on medical costs, which makes YUKIKO ISHIKAWADaichi Suzuki, Commissioner of the Japan Sports AgencyThe Japan Sports Agency (JSA) focuses on revitalizing regional communities and economies through sports. We ask JSA Commissioner Daichi Suzuki what his agency has been doing since it was created in 2015. the whole country happier and healthier. We also showcase the sports each region is known for, tying into sports tourism where people take trips to enjoy the sports of a particular region. Bringing in lots of people—including inbound tourists—energizes regions and has a positive economic effect on them as well.6Revitalizing Regional Communities and Economies through Sports

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