Highlighting JAPAN Vol.121 June 2018

The daily gas report service allows users to check gas usageair and providing helpful household tips. Another major draw is the daily gas reporting service that allows users to check on the company’s members-only site to see how much gas has been used for heating water, heating rooms, and other purposes.Encryption Standard instead of Wired Equivalent Privacy encryption, and all connections to the server use TLS 1.2, the same encryption financial institutions use,” he explains. “We’ve even obtained a patent for the system where if the user does not directly control the remote in the kitchen, it will not automatically link to your smartphone.”innovative and highly valued services using technology such as Web API (Application Programming Interface), and to partner with various companies in these creations. Fears about outsiders accessing and remotely controlling such actions are naturally a concern, especially when handling and establishing security measures for the equipment. Satoshi Suzuki of the Smart Home Technology Development Team at Osaka Gas says all is well, “The wireless LAN uses the Advanced Osaka Gas plans to come up with more such Check daily usage Amount of gas usedAmazon EchoFloor heatingUserRemote controlBathtub‘Alexa, run a bath, please’Operating remotely Your request has been received, will begin heating the bath water!Starting to heat the bath water at 40 degreesvia voice control25

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