Highlighting JAPAN Vol.121 June 2018

34561 2 3 4 5 6 Photo 1-4 © JAPAN HOUSE Sao Paulo / Rogerio CassimiroYamanaka, a design engineer and professor at the University of Tokyo’s Institute of Industrial Science.That exhibition’s highlight is a fusion of Japanese craftsmanship and prototyping using state-of-the-art technology. “We make it possible for everyone to follow the production process by showing how prototyping is done—which is usually unseen—in a display format reminiscent of a picture scroll,” Professor Yamanaka explains. “We display a lot of prototypes made with a 3D printer. Touching these can give you a deeper sense of the harmony between Japan’s advanced technology and its refined aesthetic sense.”ProfessorYamanaka’s exhibition in August, followed by London in January next year. “From the thoughtful expressions of visitors in Sao Paulo, I realized there was major interest in Japan’s advanced technology and design,” Yamanaka recalls. “Sao Paulo has many fine art museums but not many exhibits that combine technology and art, so they may have seen it as something unusual.”“Although overseas information comes in via the Internet, there are lots of things you won’t know about until you actually visit,” Yamanaka adds. “When you want to share with others it is very meaningful to create a place where people can actually see and touch things. I hope that JAPAN HOUSE will help convey all the fascinating aspects Japan has to offer and be a place for new encounters.”exhibition run for two to three months, so JAPAN HOUSE is worth visiting more than once. Indeed, in just a year the Sao Paulo hub has brought in about 770,000 visitors—almost six times more than originally expected. According to the local secretariat, visitors regularly say they’ve made new discoveries about Japan. The Los Angeles hub will host Both the traveling exhibition and unique Protoypes made using a 3D printer for the “Prototyping in Tokyo” exhibitionThe manufacturing process displays are set up to resemble picture scrollsShunji Yamanaka posing with some of his prototypesVisitors actually get to handle the “Prototyping in Tokyo” exhibitsEntrance of JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles Gallery and ShopThe facade of JAPAN HOUSE LondonInterior design; Wonderwall Inc.23

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